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Replace Broken Tiles.

Replace and fix broken and crack tiles.

Fix Cracked or loose capping.

Fix and repair loose or cracked ridge capping.

Re Bed and point ridge capping.

Re bed and point all ridge capping.

Tin Roof Restorations.

we restore Tin roof to new again. we tape up all solar panels and sky lights, and pressure wash your roof ,seal it and paint it with 2 coats of roof membrane.

Full Tile Roof Restoration.

Fix all broken and cracked tiles, fix all cracked and loose capping, pressure wash the roof, seal it, paint it with 2 coats of roof membrane.

Fix Problems.

We can fix any other roof problems or leaks you may have.

Clean Gutters.

We can clean you blocked or dirty gutters.

Fixed price gutter cleans anywhere in Brisbane $199


High pressure cleaning.

Water marks/ Leaks.

If your experiencing water marks on your ceiling or worse have water leaking down your walls in heavy storms/rain.... 9 times out of 10 it's due to cracks in your pointing as shown in the picture on your right and your roof needs to be repointed. Re pointing is a job for a qualified Tradesman Rooftiler, it can not be done by a DIY or handyman.

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